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Fall Internship 2019

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Technical Co-Founder-CTO

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Partner Careers

Airapy- Social Media Intern

Airapy is a new mental health platform looking for assistance with social media-- specifically Instagram. We are looking for someone who:

  • Can post 2-3 times weekly about mental health issues & access in a positive, educational tone

  • Can boost our social media profile by commenting and liking similar content

  • Has experience with either Adobe design software or other design tools that they can use to match the colors, font and tone of pre-existing posts

  • Might also be tech-savvy enough to clean up the Facebook page (which got unlinked from the Instagram account, boo!) and make it look presentable

  • Might also want to set up Twitter?

Basically if you're really into social media you can go hog-wild. Our intern will be compensated with school credit and we estimate this role would take about 10 hours per week. Work is remote and you must supply your own computer and software. Look at our Instagram account to get an idea: @airapycare. Email if you're interested.