Tenants are important to us because you are our voice. You are the ones who guide us. If you say go left, we go left. As an organization, Dwell City Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that our renters are informed, renting, happy, and able to contribute to their local community.

According to 2016 US Census data, tenants who are members of disadvantaged social networks are less likely to recover from an eviction, and more likely to suffer from serial evictions which leads to homelessness. Renters who live in certain neighborhoods are more vulnerable to evictions regardless of their income- within certain boundaries, and renters who suffer from certain life events are more likely to suffer from serial evictions and even homelessness.

 If you are a renter, please take our Tenant Power Survey to inform us of your opinion because it is crucial to us. Tenants are at the center of all that we do at Dwell City Solutions, and we want to hear your voice, so share it!